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Criminal Law

Seventy percent of our business is in criminal law. Our firm has the resources and experience to represent you assertively and ethically.

Criminal law is an extremely complicated and state-specific branch of the legal system. Additionally, the process of being arrested or accused of a crime is extremely stressful and emotional for you and your family. Next steps, consequences and expenses stretch before you in a seemingly insurmountable set of obstacles.

The Risk of Self-Representation

Consulting an attorney is the indispensable first step to resolving your legal issues. Some offenders may consider representing themselves as a way to save attorney fees and expedite the process. However, even if you are charged with a misdemeanor, self-representation can be an irreversible mistake that costs you much more in the long run.

Those who choose to represent themselves are held to the same standards as a trained, knowledgeable attorney. They are responsible for knowing the rules of evidence and conducting themselves in a manner appropriate for the court setting. Additionally, they are not given any special consideration regarding their defense.

The Power of Expertise

It’s easy to appreciate the necessity of hiring a professional. We know the specifics of Georgia criminal law and are prepared to present the strongest possible defense. In addition, we’ll help prepare you for every possible scenario. It is not just about acquittal rates; we take great pride in our clients’ peace of mind.

We handle all criminal offenses in both state and federal court. Our expertise spans both misdemeanors and felonies, and we’re able to provide comprehensive representation regardless of the specific charge(s). Even a speeding ticket can end up costing you time and money that could be saved by the skillful representation of our expert attorneys. If you’ve been pulled over or accused of a crime, give us a call.

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