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Are There Any Alternative Programs Available To First Time DUI Offenders?

By statute, in the state of Georgia, you cannot get first offender treatment for a DUI offense. First offender treatment is a program where you plead guilty to the offense and are placed on probation for a number of months. If you successfully complete that probation, pay your fines, do your community service, do everything you are supposed to do, then it will come off your record and be listed on your criminal record as a dismissal. That is how first offender works in Georgia.

The state of Georgia specifically excludes DUI from first offender treatments. There are DUI courts in Georgia but they do not allow for the dismissal of the case.

What Are The Top Misconceptions About DUI Cases?

One misconception for a DUI client is that they are guilty even if they are arrested for DUI—that is not always the case. There may be other factors that the officer did not take into account. There are some medical conditions that can mimic the same manifestations as an impaired driver. All these issues need to be explored before pleading guilty to a DUI charge.

What Sets You Apart In Handling DUI Cases?

What I do to prepare for a DUI case is to examine every angle. We get into the weeds of a case and we fight. A large part of handling DUI cases is having the courage to go into a courtroom and look the jury in the eye and be an advocate for your client. You have to be willing to do that, and be willing to go into the courtroom and tell your client’s story. We continue to train all the time—and we do our homework investigating each DUI case we accept. Our firm belongs to NCDD, which is the National College of DUI Defense. It is an experienced group of DUI lawyers that requires special training throughout the year, every year.

If we as defense attorneys do not know how officers are supposed to employ these tests, we cannot properly defend our clients. That is why it is important for me to know as much or more than the officers making these arrests. There is a significant amount of science and learning that needs to take place before taking a case to trial and we put in the effort for our clients.

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