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Older Americans Getting Divorced

Although sometimes necessary, it’s heartbreaking to see any couple get divorced. It’s especially heartbreaking when it’s a couple that have been married for more than 20-30 years and have raised children together. Here’s an interesting article on the causes of older Americans who are getting divorced.

US Court Rules That Checking Maps on Your Phone While Driving Is a Bad Thing

Article on a criminal case against driver who was looking at smartphone while driving. Be careful out there.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent….What happened to Miranda?

I’ve heard this story before but ran across it again in the wake of the discussion regarding the Boston bomber and law enforcement’s initial decision to withhold reading him his Miranda rights. Before Miranda was decided, no warnings were necessary before a suspect was questioned. Here’s an article about the man the case is named after–it’s interesting. One final note. I am often told, the police didn’t read me my rights. Well, they don’t have to if they don’t ask you any questions. Further, when officers are gathering initial information, they generally don’t have to read you your rights–one area this applies… Read More

New App Warns You When You’re Too Stoned To Drive

No doubt, DUI arrests based on drug use are on the rise. Interestingly, a company has designated a new app that puts the user through a series of test to help them determine if they are too stoned to drive. Here’s an article about the app. Georgia is considered a “zero” tolerance state, in that, any evidence of marijuana in your system will subject you to a DUI charge, regardless of whether the drug is impairing your ability to drive or not.

When can a Georgia Law Enforcement Officer use Deadly Force?

The recent case of an officer’s use of deadly force in Louisiana that resulted in the the death of an African-American man has rekindled the ongoing debate on law enforcement use of force. Georgia law enforcement officers are required to re-qualify with their weapon and receive use of force training every year. Official Code of Georgia, Section 17-4-20(b) states, “Sheriffs and peace officers who are appointed or employed in conformity with Chapter 8 of Title 35 may use deadly force to apprehend a suspected felon only when the officer reasonably believes that the suspect possesses a deadly weapon or any… Read More

Expert Witnesses, Biomechanics And Seatbelt Failure In Car Accident Injury Cases

There are many required elements for personal injury claims. For example, the personal injury lawyer must prove that the defendant in the claim caused the accident. If this is proven, that party is held accountable for owed damages. Of course, that defendant will have his or her own attorney paid for by the insurance company to refute what you claim. The defendant’s lawyer will work equally hard as your attorney, but to prove that what you claim is untrue and evidence does not back up your assertions. Both sides may use expert witnesses to provide testimony. Expert witnesses have the… Read More

The Apgar Test: What Is It?

There is an average of 4 million babies that are born every year in the United States, reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Apgar test that is in place to diagnose the baby’s vital signs is performed to about 11,000 of those 4 million babies each year. This test serves as a method to show how well a baby handled the labor and delivery. This test was designed by Virginia Apgar. The Apgar test is performed at two points during the babies life: at the first minute of life and then again at the five-minute mark.… Read More

Typical Causes Of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks such as big rigs and delivery trucks are the cause of one-of-a-kind dangers to people that drive tinier automobiles and the people that they transport. Truck drivers need to know about the dangers that can be caused by their vehicles that are big and difficult to move. Also, other people that drive on the roads need to be very careful when they are driving near trucks. Small driving mistakes, such as not utilizing a turn signal before turning, can turn out very bad when a truck with eighteen wheels is part of the accident especially when a car… Read More

The Do’s And Don’ts When Considering Separation Before Divorce

Perhaps you aren’t ready to file for divorce just yet but you and your spouse think that separating for a few months might be a healthy start to repairing your relationship or helping you decide if divorce is the right thing to do. If you plan on separating for a few months, Forbes has highlighted a few do’s and don’ts and we are sharing these below with you. Do get up to speed on marital finances. If you weren’t handling the finances in your relationship and are completely “out of the loop,” you likely won’t know how much your spouse… Read More

Understanding & Preventing Substance Abuse Addiction In Florida

There are certain people who use recreational drugs without becoming addicted however the majority of individuals that use drugs become physically and mentally dependent on them. Substance abuse occurs commonly and can occur for a variety of different reasons. A person’s vulnerability to their addiction depends on their social environment, their overall health and their genetic makeup as well as countless other factors. Even though an individual may recognize the cause of their substance abuse they still might not accept the fact that they’ve become addicted. The following are some signs and symptoms that may indicate addiction to recreational or… Read More