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Expert Witnesses, Biomechanics And Seatbelt Failure In Car Accident Injury Cases

There are many required elements for personal injury claims. For example, the personal injury lawyer must prove that the defendant in the claim caused the accident. If this is proven, that party is held accountable for owed damages. Of course, that defendant will have his or her own attorney paid for by the insurance company to refute what you claim. The defendant’s lawyer will work equally hard as your attorney, but to prove that what you claim is untrue and evidence does not back up your assertions.

Both sides may use expert witnesses to provide testimony. Expert witnesses have the necessary experience to explain what happened in the accident and how the victim was injured. This expert may be an accident reconstruction expert hired to explain the dynamics of the accident. This is particularly necessary if a seatbelt was defective and snapped during an accident. Or the expert may show how belt design was inadequate for preventing lock-up of the device, thus causing injuries to the victim. Another expert witness may be involved to testify as to why the compensation amount sought by the plaintiff is justified and necessary.

Biomechanics Experts in Car Accident Cases

An expert witness hired by the plaintiff’s legal team to provide explanation of seatbelt defects and injuries may have specialized training in engineering, soft tissue damage or other fields. Their qualification as an expert witness may be founded in education, work history or personal knowledge of injuries.

Health aspects may be explained by experts degreed in medicine, biomechanics, or other areas of science. Biomechanics professionals have completed the coursework, occupational exposure and personal study necessary to be experts on injuries and ramifications of defects, such as in seatbelts. They can use their knowledge to reconstruct the accident, determine fault and justify the plaintiff’s financial damages.

Using biomechanics experts as witnesses means locating the right expert with extensive training and experience in how the human body reacts, interacts and works in an accident with internal and external forces. Through this knowledge and experience they are able to understand the stress, strain and outcome of injuries arising when tissues are affected by force and trauma. Having advanced knowledge in anatomy and physiology further enables the expert to diagnose conditions. They may help classify injuries and determine how the injuries occurred in the specific accident. All of these things lead to accident reconstruction, a concise explanation of how the car accident occurred and what the victim was put through in that accident to the judge and jury.

Data Recorders Applied to Seatbelt Defects

Data recorders installed in cars make it possible to understand more about a car accident. These devices are just like the black boxes in commercial aircraft. They provide technical information and enough data for a biomechanics expert to understand the source of defects.

In looking at where on the body injuries occurred, the biomechanics expert witness can explain complications arising from that injury, as a result of a breakdown in seatbelt functioning. They can even use data recorder information to show the part of the seatbelt that malfunctioned. Through all of this expert testimony and data, the defect’s extent can be explained.

Data recorders in cars are only activated in the event of an auto accident, much like airbags deploying in an accident. The device obtains as much data as possible at the time of impact, as well as just before that moment and following are recorded, monitored and extracted for analysis by the vehicle safety system. Of course, the precise detail of data relies upon the data recorder’s model and mere existence in the vehicle.

The Right Experts for Your Seatbelt Case

If in Arizona, a phoenix personal injury lawyer helps provide the right experts for your legal claim after an auto accident. In the case of seatbelt defects, your lawyer may call upon a biomechanics and accident reconstruction expert. The expert will first be used to help build the case against the negligent or at-fault parties. He or she may then be called to testify, if the case goes to trial.

Gaining access to these highly qualified and helpful experts is usually only possible through your personal injury lawyer. In Arizona, call the skilled personal injury lawyers of Cantor Crane. Cantor Crane lawyers will use appropriate experts for your case, from their well-established connections with key experts.

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