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Phony Doctor On Carnival-Owned Cruise Ship

A great number of vacationers would not choose a cruise ship as their number one choice if it did not have adequate security, and qualified, professional medical staff within the vessel, but a false sense of security by just the presence of medical staff has been recently revealed. Carnival-owned cruise ship AidavitaWhich is why it is paramount to find the help of a cruise ship accident lawyer.

He had acquired a fake medical license and used that to secure his position as a doctor, according to media reports. The cruise line company failed to conduct a background check to see the “doctor’s” credentials and instead took his word for it that he was a physician. Verifying a doctor’s professional license is something that can be done through an online database and only takes a few minutes, which is very troublesome that the cruise line couldn’t do so. Had the basic safety measures taken place, the cruise line could have avoided passengers being treated by a phony doctor that could have led a medical malpractice.

There is a legal obligation for cruise lines to verify any medical staff prior to employment that will be onboard because their main duties are to ensure the safety and highest form of care for all their passengers, which can sometimes amount to thousands. Liability can fall severely on a cruise line’s shoulders that have an unlicensed doctor working aboard their vessel and is the cause of a passenger’s medical malpractice, at our firm we have

Having the cruise line be held liable sounds reasonable because they were negligent, but only relatively recent has the 11th Circuit Court decision changed their previous ways on the imposition of vicarious responsibility on cruise line companies. It now extends to cruise lines medical staff that commit medical malpractice, the conduct of the doctors, and when standard care is not applied, are all things that can be grounds that allow a victim to pursue a lawsuit against the cruise line company, specifically when an injury derived from these negligences.

There could have been many scenarios that surfaced due to the phony doctor’s treatments. It is not clear if he did perform any medical malpractice on the passengers he treated while on the vessel, but it is a very alarming case. What if the passenger who was seeking treatment had an injury or medical condition that could not have otherwise been treated by this “doctor” because they lacked the skill and experience?

Medication error could have also been administered resulting in unknown injuries. Liability for not conducting a background check can be held on the cruise line, although it is still unknown whether the cruise line will be sued by one of the treated passengers.

Stay Safe

Before being cared fornecessary in order to ensure that they are a real doctor. This action alone can avoid injuries, and even save lives. Getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer if a passenger was victimized by a phony doctor would be a way to seek justice.

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