Law Office of Paul W. Hamilton

Client Testimonials

“Throughout the handling of my case, Mr. Hamilton and his staff treated me with the upmost respect and I was highly confident that they would achieve the desired outcome for my case.If I find myself in need of Lawyer services in the future, I would hire the Law Office of Paul Hamilton. I would do so for two reasons. One, I want to ensure I get the best outcome for my case – I know Mr. Hamilton will exceed my expectations. Second, I want to deal with a law office that I am comfortable communicating with and whom I can trust.”

Diane M.

“He was very respectful, straightforward on my case. Very satisfied with choosing him as my attorney. I would highly recommend him.”

Vanessa G.

“Paul really stepped up and helped me out of jam. His knowledge of the law and familiarity with me personally helped him to make a case that really stuck. I would recommend him to anyone who asks and often do.”

Wade Y.

“Paul Hamilton was really professional and personable. They helped me beat my charges and keep my CDL. The law office of Paul Hamilton is a firm that will fight for your right until the end of your case.”

Mike M. – A DUI Client

“Paul was very professional and courteous. He kept us updated on my son’s case and ultimately got the entire case dismissed. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone. He made a difficult situation a lot less stressful. Top-notch, Paul is very professional and is willing to go the extra mile for his clients.”

Susan H.

“I was always informed as to what was going on with my case. The staff and Mr. Hamilton were extremely friendly and easy to deal with. Highly recommended.”

Will P.

“Great! Absolutely awesome!”

Mickey M.

“I did not truly have to worry about my case. From the time I called to the time I finished paying my court fees, Paul and his team were right by my side and very helpful. Helpful, simple process and great results.”

Esteban C.

“With respect, he always keeps me inform and I was comfortable with the decision. Wonderful!”

John P.

“I could not have been more satisfied. His firm went way beyond my expectations and the final result in the case was phenomenal. Completely satisfied and very happy with the final results.”

Barry S.

“Paul and his staff constantly kept me up to date on my case and they were able to come to a mutually agreed upon solution to my speeding ticket problem. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing traffic related representation. If you need to get off a ticket with no points, this guy is who you need.”

Torrey B. – A Speeding Ticket Client

“Mr. Hamilton was respectful and cordial throughout the entire ordeal. He was always punctual and professional in his mannerisms, allowing Mr. Hamilton to represent me saved me a lot of trouble, quite frankly he saved my career. He was always friendly, honest and professional. His honesty helped me deal with the situation, he never lied about anything during the process. He was cordial and comforting, having him represent me was the best decision I could have possibly made.”

Hassan E.

“Paul was awesome from day 1! If you find yourself in trouble, especially in South Georgia, Mr. Hamilton is the man you want on your side! Had 4 felonies and 2 misdemeanors dropped to 1 felony. He was the perfect person for the job and I am very thankful for him. He is very caring and will hear you out and see your case through. A true blessing; now I can proceed with my life and job. Thank you Paul!”


“Suddenly I found myself in a legal battle with law enforcement. There was No denying this is real, and to my amazement, I did not know why. After 8 months of dealing with absolute mental anguish, wondering about the outcome, my attorney successfully met all the challenges, which were many and complicated. I was faced with possible DUI /prescription drug, + failure to maintain lane. Thanks to Mr. Hamilton’s expertise and previous experience in the court he prevails for me. If you find yourself in need of legal counsel and need someone who will do you due diligence, Mr. Hamilton I happily recommend.”

A Satisfied Client

“From the very beginning Mr. Hamilton was compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable. We did not need to call anyone else after speaking with him. His professional counsel saved us. We are truly appreciative for all that he did for us!”

A Satisfied Client

“Good Morning Mr. Paul, First of all, thank you so much for doing such a great job in court yesterday I was very pleased with your work.”

Blanca A. – Child Custody Case Client

“Paul, I just wanted to take the time to Thank You again for what you did for me. I think you came in and saved what at times was a hopeless case. I couldn’t imagine being without my daughter as much as what they were proposing. You went in fighting for me and my daughter. Words cannot even begin to describe my gratitude. All my family and friends were very impressed with your passion and conviction in the courtroom. You have been very encouraging during this difficult time. I know you get paid to do this job, but for me, you showed a concern to make a father and daughter had as much time together as possible. As far as the money, you gave me the time that I needed to get it up, and was still willing to go forward with the case even though you didn’t actually have it in your hands. That meant a lot to me. I can honestly say that I consider it my duty to recommend you and your services to anyone needing legal help. Again, thank you VERY much!”

Derrick – A Child Custody Client

“Handled my case with total professionalism.”

Fred M. – A DUI Client

“We are still in shock. You are an angel. Thanks is not a strong enough work to express our appreciation.”

Cheryl – Mother of a Client Charged With DUI that was Reduced to Lesser Offense

“Paul, Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am very grateful.”

Brett Z. – DUI Client Whose Case was Reduced to a Lesser Charge

“I want to thank you again for all you have done for me and for fighting the good fight. I owe you one.”

Eddie O. – Client Charged With DUI But Found Not Guilty by a Jury

“Paul is considerate, caring, and compassionate. He will work for you as if you were his only client. He is respectful and genuine. He simply wants the best for his clients regardless of the problem he is helping you with.”

A Satisfied Client

“Jason’s DIVORCED!!! Kudos to Paul W. Hamilton! See him for all your legal needs!!!”

Sara G.

“I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for a job well done with my son’s case. Thank You & God Bless”

Carol B. – Parent of a Juvenile Represented on Criminal Burglary Charges